Automated Lighting + Window Treatments

Automated Lighting

Create the perfect ambiance at the ideal time.

Automated lighting provides the backdrop to your activities with the perfect combination of natural light and interior lighting.  With just one button press or voice command we can create the ideal lighting for any mood and activity.

Welcome scenes make coming home inviting with select lights on to make sure you never come back to a dark house.  Away scenes that automatically shut off all the lights in your home on your way out the door. Goodnight scenes that turn all lights off, close blinds, turn down the thermostat, lock doors, arm the alarm, and more! And everything else in between…

Automated lighting can be the most impactful home automation investment you make in your home and we would love to show you how!

Window Treatments

With automation, we can help you transform your shades from a manual task to open, close, adjust to something that is functional, convenient, and automatically adjusts for you throughout the day.  We provide Lutron shading solutions which are the most reliable, quiet, and uniform automated shades in the market. And they come in a wide range of fabrics and styles from drapery tracks, to honeycomb, roller shades, and solar sheers.

Imagine having shades that can follow sunrise and sunset, receive feedback from daylight harvesting monitors, follow set schedules, and automatically make adjustments throughout the day for you!

Commercial Applications

Even the smallest change can have a huge impact.  We can integrate your lighting with your AV system and shades in a boardroom to transform the space to presentation mode, then all on for discussion afterward and away mode when you leave that shuts the room down, all at the touch of a button.

Find energy savings with daylight harvesting monitors that automatically monitor the natural daylight in a room and adjust all the lighting circuits and shades automatically throughout the day.  Dimmers and motion/vacancy sensors to automatically find energy savings during set hours.

Shades that automatically adjust throughout the day to improve employee productivity or guest satisfaction to let the sun in when it is wanted but avoid glare on screens and sun directly in your eyes.

From Concept to Completion and Beyond

We start with in-home assessments and our showroom demonstrations and work with you to design the system of your dreams.  We have trained professionals with experience installing these automation systems and integrating them to make sure everything is set up perfectly for you.  And when all is said and done we are local in the Kootenays and available for continued support.

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