Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions


Let Martech Smart Solutions provide you with the Automation Technology that you expect.

Automation means better Business, safer Environments and Ease of Living.


Every project is a unique opportunity for us to provide our clients with details of design and functionality to enhance their lifestyle, provide security, lower energy costs and allow the ease of use that all savvy Home and Business owners expect.

By partnering with the best companies in the market, we are able to provide Automation Solutions that are far more attractive and affordable for the entry-level Home owner. The key to the brands we utilize are that they are all compatible with each other; you can add on piece by piece, do not have to stick with one brand only and can have them all integrated with triggers – if you open your door, your lights brighten and heat turns up, music starts playing, etc. The systems also supports Geofencing, so if you are a block away from home, your outside lights can turn on, garage door open, heat turns up, etc.

As a Commercial Client, you can rest assured knowing that we will work for with you to design a system that will deliver a big bottom-line impact and impress your customers and clients.

Our solutions will integrate easily with any existing infrastructure you might have and enable communication between devices from virtually any manufacturer.

The possibilities are endless.

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