Security Systems and Access Control

Security Systems and Access Control

Whether selecting a Security System for your residence, CCTV Monitoring for your premises or Access Control to your place of business, our trained Team will work with you to design a tailored installation that offers you the required protection at your chosen budget level.

Protect your family and home
Protect your staff
Protect your business against commercial crime

These systems are Network based, and our data cabling and electrical services departments allow us to be your one-stop provider – keeping costs competitive.

Alarm Systems

Make your life and/or work space safer by adding smart lighting.
Let your alarm system trigger flash your outside lights to frighten intruders away.
If your smoke detectors go off, light a pathway to the nearest exit.
You’ve already got systems in place to keep your home secure, now you can enhance your security with full integration with other elements of your Smart Home.

We Provide:
Installation and Maintenance of your Custom Designed Security System.

CCTV Installation

What do we offer?

The most recent HD cameras, enabling you to make out faces, number plates, etc.
Remote monitoring
Onsite backup recording
View, capture, save and share images
No time delay between alarm and images seen
Health and Safety Monitoring
Lone worker support

CCTV Maintenance
Our maintenance service will be set to meet the environment in which your system needs to continue to provide protection.

Access Control

What are your Operational Requirements?

Control who can access the premises
Special authorization to certain areas
Who is in the building 24/7
Need a physical barrier to control vehicles

We provide a full range of Access and Barrier Controls:

Proximity control – barrier raises as you approach with fob or card
Readers – swipe card to enter
Intercoms – Speak to / identify visitors
Keypads – enter personal code to gain access