Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic Cabling has the ability to carry information over long distances without losing any of the information. A very important aspect of your Fiber Optic design is to ensure the correct cable is selected to meet present and future bandwidth requirements. Our Technicians will capture information and design your system to ensure the correct fiber cable is specified along with the most efficient method of installation, whether you need:

  • Fiber Optic backbone for a Data Cable system
  • Floor to floor fiber links
  • Building to building links within one site
  • Campus to campus links one site to another site
  • CCTV camera location links

Equipped with the latest testing and splicing equipment, and up-to- date training and clearances for all our Technicians,

Martech is able to deliver design, repair, testing, termination and splicing services.

We certify all our installations

Fiber Optic
Fiber Optic Repair

Since Fiber Optic Cables are so reliable, they are used in critical Data communications and control Transmission operations. If they fail major problems can occur, and that is why you need reliable and speedy repair services.

  • Our Technicians possess the latest OTDR test and Optical Fusion splicing equipment
  • This allows for fast location of Fiber cable faults
  • If underground, we can offer excavation and duct infrastructure repairs
  • If damaged beyond repair, we can install new or offer bridging options
  • We will be able to advise you on how to avoid the problem in the future
  • On completion full OTDR test results will be provided.
Fiber Optic Equipment

Over the years Martech Electrical Systems have invested in tools, equipment and training in order to better facilitate the various customer needs.
Currently our equipment includes:

  • 3 fusion splicing machines, with one capable of ribbon splicing
  • a JDSU fiber and Cat6 tester
  •  a JDSU OTDR for testing
  • a Fiber Splicing trailer
  • a Telsta style stringing bucket truck for overhead line messenger or self supporting stringing

We provide total cabling solutions, including fiber optic transmission equipment and the supply and install of fiber to copper media converters.

Fiber Optic
Fiber Optic Testing

Fiber optic testing is done on new installations and also offered to customers who have installed cables themselves or have an existing network that requires testing.

We are able to carry out testing on:

  • OS1 9/125
  • OM1 62.5/125
  • OM2 50/125
  • OM3 50/125
  • OM4

Our Technicians are equipped to test all types and lengths of cable.

OTDR test results are produced to confirm that all Fiber Optic cables are working correctly.

Fiber Optic Splicing & Termination

Make changes to your fiber optic network now.

Our Technicians can terminate fiber Optic cables on site, whether installed by us, you or existing cables.

We have experience in varied environments and hazards, including:

  • Process Plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Waste management Plants
  • Solar farms
  • Banking
  • Insurance industry
  • Retail
  • Educational sector

The cables can be terminated and presented with ST, SC, LC, MTRJ, FC/PC type fiber terminations to suit the equipment connected.

Fiber Optic
Fiber Optic Installation

We can design specify and install both internal and external fiber optic networks, cross-site fiber installations and single pulls in excess of 5km.

  • We supply Fiber optic backbones providing:
    • Links between buildings
    • Links between floors
    • Future proofing your network with internal installations straight to your desks
  • We also offer:
    • Structured cabling
    • Communications cabling
    • Electrical installation services

Our Expert technicians can survey your project and advise on the best network solution for your needs.
They will identify:

  • the type of cable needed
  • Cable management needed
  • Rack positions
  • Patch panels
  • Other works required for installation

To reduce the risk of disruption we have experience and training working in live environments.

We also utilize our tension stringing equipment for overhead installations.