Smart Solutions


Discover what Automation can do for your Business

Create the perfect atmosphere in you Restaurant with music and mood lighting.

Improve patient experience in medical and dental offices, by letting them choose audio or video during their procedures.

Simplify your video and audio and other components with one remote control for staff to use.

Use IP Cameras to keep an eye on your business, no matter where you are.

Use a single “Good morning/Good night” button to turn the entire building on/off, saving on energy bills.

Conduct meetings with confidence, knowing that your boardroom systems are integrated and controlled, allowing you to conduct business without technical headaches.

Where to start?

Our trained integration Technicians can meet with you to assess you Business Automation needs. They will take the time to understand your needs and ensure that each System included in your Design is simple and intuitive.

Why Martech Smart Solutions?

We understand the importance of completing work according to schedule, continuous communication during the whole process, and respecting our customers’ needs and budget.

Our Technicians are fully trained and continues to stay up to date with new developments and products.

We provide an affordable, intelligent control solution that works with all leading brands because it is based on an open platform.

Because it is a modular system ,you can start with one application or one section of a building, and add later when budget and time permits.

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