• Replacing  poles on H Frame Transmission Structures for Fortis BC in West Kootenays.
    What you see in this series of pictures is one line truck holding the cross arm while the old pole was detached and removed.
    The blasting crew moved in and blasted out the hole, then the new pole was set in place.

    This is a 60,000 volt transmission line and the work was done while energized.


    Line Crew Energized Pole replacement p11 Line Crew Energized Pole replacement p21 Line Crew Energized Pole replacement p31 Line Crew Energized Pole replacement p41

  • p-nel-commons-374x200

    A multi-use redevelopment project in Nelson, BC, with Commercial space on the ground floor and a 54-unit, three-storey residential component on top.

    As Prime Electrical Contractor on this confined-space-multi-storey project, Martech Electrical appreciates the economic expansion this will bring to the beautiful town of Nelson.

    From off-site underground Site services, to careful planning and layout of distribution, to installing finishing fixtures – including Fire Alarm System, Emergency Generator, Elevator feeders, all Communications Systems and Integrated Security Systems, we look forward to the completed project!

  • p-kim-sun

    Kimberley, BC is the site of Western Canada’s largest solar project, with over 4,000 solar-cell modules, mounted on 96 solar trackers which follow the sun’s movement, maximizing solar exposure.It will be western Canada’s largest scale solar project and the first solar project in B.C.

    Our scope of work on this project was:

    • excavated, bedded conduits, installed the slab and grounding for the Unitized Sub
    • Supply and installation of the Transformer and Unitized Substation that the solar collectors feed into
    • Installed an overhead power line to BC Hydro standards connecting the Unitized Sub to the BC Hydro Substation,
    • Did the interconnection design and the installation and commissioning of the substation interface where the solar feed connects to the BC Hydro grid.

    The solar panels themselves were installed by Conergy, an Alberta firm. The shutdown to connect to the grid was completed recently and the sun mine is operational. This was a cooperative venture, with BC Hydro, City of Kimberly, Teck Coal, Conergy and Martech Electrical Systems Ltd.

    Coordinating with the parties involved to design and install was a critical part of the success of this job.

    Update:  See article in The Vancouver Sun

  • p-cas-city

    From the ground up new installation for the City of Castlegar, which needed a newer, more efficient building. 

    The scope included:

    • Fire Alarm System
    • Communications Systems
    • Integrated Security Systems
    • As part of the install, there is now a lighting control system in place to make it more energy efficient:
      • shutting lighting off around naturally lit areas with windows
      • Lighting in offices to shut off when not occupied.
  • Built to the clients’ specifications:
    – Fork lift pockets
    – lifting eyes
    – 600v distribution to 120/240v 100amp panel c/w receptacles.
    All fabrication work and electrical assembly done at Martech, Castlegar.



  • p-super

    The massive renovation of the Cranbrook Real Canadian Superstore was twofold: first, to make the Cranbrook store’s layout consistent with that of other Superstores; second, to align with the market trend toward a healthy life through healthy eating.

    The upgrades included:

    • New lighting layout through the store to enhance specific areas
    • New pharmacy, optical centre, mobile centre and PC Financial services all with a brand new face through lighting and power layout upgrades
    • Arc fault and Short-circuit analyses done on the distribution system to ensure safety in operation and maintenance

    Martech Electrical systems is proud to have been the Electrical Contractor on this major project, seeing it through from distribution to finishing.

  • Built to the following specifications:

    • 200Amp Service Installation
    • Thermostat wire for AC
    • Complete rough-in for garage door operators
    • CO and Smoke Detectors as per code
    • Installation of ceiling Fans
    • 120v and low voltage wiring to fireplace
    • Distribution panel for telephone and cable
    • Receptacles, switches and fixtures
    • Low voltage, telephone & cable wiring
    • Complete Vacuum System
    • Stereo rough-wire
  • Built to the following specifications

    • 200Amp Service Installation
    • Thermostat wire for AC
    • Complete rough-in for garage door operators
    • CO and Smoke detectors as per code
    • Installation of ceiling Fans
    • 120V and low voltage wiring to fireplace
    • Distribution panel for telephone and cable
    • Receptacles, switches and fixtures
    • Low voltage, telephone & cable wiring
    • Complete Vacuum System
    • 6 Zone Stereo package
    • Dimmer package
  • p-waneta-dam-374x200

    The $900 million Waneta Expansion added a second powerhouse located immediately downstream of the Waneta Dam on the Pend d’Oreille River. The expansion shares the existing hydraulic head and generates power from water that would otherwise be spilled. Output from the new powerhouse is stepped-up to 230Kv and delivered to BC Hydro’s Selkirk Substation through a new 10 km transmission line.

    The expansion produces clean, renewable, cost-effective, power for all British Columbians.

    This project was a major industrial install with detailed technical specifications, critical deadlines and work flow, and strict environmental protection requirements.

    • Martech was on site as the electrical contractor from the start
    • We started with setting up the D3D4 off-site laydown yard
    • Installed underground power distribution throughout, installed power and lighting in all buildings, connected the trailers farm, did site lighting etc.
    • Set up temporary power at the new power house construction site.
    • Construction of a new substation (Our fabrication shop in Castlegar built all the steel structures, and Martech Electrical did the installation of the steel, installed all the switches, buss and control components and commissioned).
    • From the substation we ran distribution and feeders for site trailers, equipment and the crews.
    • The initial phase of site was primarily excavation of the powerhouse site and the blasting/mining of the two water intake tunnels.  We provided temporary power panels as required, had a crew working with the mining contractor that was doing the tunnels to trouble shoot their equipment and keep it operational, provide temporary lighting as they progressed and made connections  or relocations of their equipment as needed.
    • Once the powerhouse excavation was complete, the forms and concrete work began, with Martech installing necessary copper grounding cables and imbeds (conduits and sleeves) in the pours as they progressed up to ground level. The building above ground level is steel structure with an insulated sheet skin. Again, our Castlegar Fab Shop did the miscellaneous steel for the job. (Handrails, stairways, gratings, imbeds etc) .
    • As the building went up and was closed in, then the interior work for us began – primarily cable tray and surface routed Teck cable for all systems.
  • p-ross-light

    The City of Rossland, BC partnered with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) to upgrade the aging infrastructure along the highway corridor leading through downtown.

    The resultant Columbia Avenue Streetscape Project included street and sidewalk upgrades to revitalize the downtown core.

  • BC Hydro Contracted Martech to construct the Waneta Substation Expansion, also known as the Selkirk Substation.

    The Project outcome was for output from the new powerhouse at Waneta Dam to be stepped-up to 230kv and delivered to the Substation through a new 10 km transmission line.

    This included the line position upgrade at Selkirk Substation for the incoming from the Waneta Expansion:

    • 230kv dead end structure and disconnect
    • 230kv CVTs
    • 230kv breaker with a disconnect on either side
    • 4” IPS custom offset buss work
    • All P&C cabling and terminations including rewiring of the existing control room as directed by BC Hydro
  • p-spar-arena

    The replacement of 320Watt metal Halide and T8 Fluorescent Lighting located in the Sparwood Arena and Curling Rink with L.E.D. fixtures.

    These Fixtures have a much lower power consumption with higher resulting FC (Foot Candle) rating.

  • p-rose-sub

    Martech was Contracted by Nelson Hydro for rebuilding the Rosemont Substation on Wasson Street in Rosemont. The system voltage conversion from 12 kV provides new 25 kV distribution feeders for the Downtown/Waterfront, Uphill/Rosemont/Hwy 6, and Southshore areas.

    The old substation was at the end of its lifespan being about 60-years-old. And the new transformer from Taiwan is expected to last 40 years.

    The Project site location – on a steep lot at the end of a no exit street in a residential neighbourhood – created some challenges!

  • 69kV Transmission Line Rehab Fortis BC

    New Distribution line construction at SunMine

    Tension Stringing over Hwy3A and Hwy6 overpass

    Live Line Pole Setting 25kV distribution for Nelson Hydro

    25kV distribution rebuild Teck Metals in Trail

    Class 3 Rubber Glove work on 25kV distribution for Nelson Hydro

    Night time Storm Repair


  • p-tims

    This Cranbrook Tim Horton’s upgrade brings updates to the entire building: exterior, kitchen and service area, providing more space and efficiency for workers and faster service for guests.
  • p-glacier

    This New Construction project on the main commercial street through Castlegar included an indoor showroom, offices, and full Service Department.
  • p-hwy-cres2

    A Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MOTI) Project to provide a fully operational and safe intersection on Highway #3, at Pine street and Railway Avenue Crossing in Creston, BC.

    Martech supplied and installed:
    Poles with Hardware
    Primary and Secondary Signal lights
    Pedestrian Crossing lights c/w Visual Countdown and Audible Alarms
    Emergency Vehicle Preemption system.

  • Lilac Terrace is a seniors’ Supported Living complex in Sparwood, BC.
    Martech was on site as the Electrical Contractor for an Expansion project that included:
    – eight (8) single residential suites
    – four (4) double residential suites
    – two Community Rooms
    – Laundry
    – two Offices
    – Kitchen Addition with new equipment
    – Elevator.
    The additions have a gross area of 1470.8 m².
  • Overhaul of the Lifting equipment of the Hugh Keenleyside Dam’s Hydroelectric Navigation Lock
    This project aimed at enhancing the reliability and availability of all the lock’s machinery. Although it is also used by boaters, the lock’s main activity is the transportation of timber for sawmills and the paper-making industries downstream.
    During 6 months, major mechanical and electrical repairs were undertaken on the 150-tonne upstream gate, the downstream winch of the same capacity, the empty and filling gates, and the control room.

    • Temporary power was provided for all project related trades
    • work was done to upgrade and modernize the control
    • a new crane cabin was installed
    • new cabling to added sensors and devices
    • additional lock lighting installed
    • boat traffic control indication lights put in
    • All project work that involved any interruptions to locks’ operation needed to be scheduled and approved by BC Hydro to avoid conflicts with user groups

    Environmental impact was scrutinized throughout duration of project… spill contingencies plans were required due to work being near to and above watercourse at times.

  • p cas toy 374x200

    Serving the West Kootenay region of Southern British Columbia, Castlegar Toyota is located in a modern and spacious 16,200 square foot facility at 1530 Columbia Avenue in Castlegar, BC.

    This new construction project on the main commercial street through Castlegar, in close proximity to the Kalawski GM dealership, Kia, Hyundai and Glacier Honda resulted in the creation of an Auto Sales dealership neighborhood.

  • Teck’s Trail Operations, located in British Columbia, include one of the world’s largest fully integrated zinc and lead smelting and refining complexes and the Waneta hydroelectric dam and transmission system. The metallurgical operations produce refined zinc and lead, a variety of precious and specialty metals, chemicals and fertilizer products.

    Martech has a long-and good standing working relationship with Teck Trail Operations… from small temporary power hookups to major plant additions and high voltage installations.

  • p-ks

    Main Project Highlights:

    • New construction
    • Multi-storey facility
    • LEED Project
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations available on site, convenient location at the Highway entrance to Columbia Avenue
    • Full service Credit Union, Financial/Investing Services
    • Vestibule ATM
    • Drive-through ATM
  • River handrail – City of Trail Riverfront Project – We supplied the pre-fabricated handrail for Marwest who installed it, along with the rock work.
    p fab 1 x

    City of Trail Downtown Revitalization Project – Supplied and installed the three street signs for Hil-Tech Contracting.

    Waneta Expansion Project – Martech Steel Fabrication supplied all galvanized metals for the project. Stairs, Ladders, Handrail, Platform, Embedments, etc.

    Control Building for BC Hydro at a remote substation near Pemberton, BC

    Power Skid unit for Atlas Electric Spokane, WA

  • p fish x

    Each individual home of 1,570 square feet of living space, three bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, an attached garage wired to the following specifications:
    • 100Amp Service Installation
    • Thermostat wire for AC
    • Complete rough-in for garage door operators
    • CO and Smoke detectors as per code
    • Installation of ceiling Fans
    • 120V and low voltage wiring to fireplace
    • Distribution panel for telephone and cable
    • Receptacles, switches and fixtures
    • Low voltage, telephone & cable wiring